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superI provide clinical supervision to aspiring Social Work students who are pursuing their Undergraduate, Graduate and State Licensure. Students and licensure candidates prepare to experience personal and professional growth within the context of Social Work. I use a collaborative and holistic approach with supervisees and/or licensure candidates. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and seek excellence not only for myself but also from others to adhere to the professional standards and quality services. The supervisory relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, support and empathic experiences. The supervisee can expect constructive feedback and respect. Also, the candidate can anticipate goal-setting related to self-care and self-reflection. I look forward to providing guidance and education to my future colleagues. 


trainI have been teaching and developing others for over 12 years. Training includes improving one’s skills and knowledge related to specific competencies and performance. I am fulfilling those specific goals as a workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and provider for organizations, agencies and academic institutions. Some of my training topics includes:

• Women in Midlife: Physical, Social and Emotional resiliency 
• Women in the Bible: Esther
• Trauma Informed Care: Indiana Federation of Families and Children’s mental health
• Policing and Counseling- Behavior Health Unit (BHU): Community Outreach
• Military and Mental Health (variety of topics): Behavior Health Professional on behalf of SBHP



Telehealth provided throughout the State of Indiana


Tamala (Tammy) Johnson


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Same Day Appointment


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